Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sandown weekend

I had a really fabulous weekend! Burn took freda and me away to a little cottage near the river Thames at Shepperton for the weekend, and we spent Saturday at the Quilt show at Sandown racecourse. It was a lovely venue, really light, airy and spacious. It was great to be 'showmn the ropes' by Burn and Freda, who have both been quilting for years. We did spend some time looking at the quilts, and I was particularly interested in the sea-scape quilts, to get some ideas for my sea scene hanging. We also walked along by the river, which was really trnaquil after our manic shop at Sandown! In the evening, we had a takeway chinese, and a show and tell! In order, the photos are Freda's, mine and Burn's. I am going to do another post with photos of the quilts.

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