Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Nicholas has written a wonderful new membership database for me. It includes everything on the membership form, ie members details plus surname interests, services they can provide, and other interests. It has taken him hours and hours, but I think everyone is pleased with it! He has had quite a bit of correspondance from Committee members about it, and he has really learned a lot about working with users!!

I had 3 new members this morning so I entered them in the new database. (I still have to use my excel db as well atm, cos the new access db is not live yet. One bug we found was that he had set the postcode field to letter, letter, number, number (AB12), and I had a Birmingham postcode which is just B! So it wouldn't accept it!

Nicholas has gone off to college now for maths, and when he comes home we have to go to halfords to take back his bike lights that don't work. Then we'll get down to sorting out the bug!

I really want to be playing with my new stamps! I bought some cowboy stamps last week, and haven't got them out of the packet yet! They are for a Wild West CJ. I have some more coming from America (Las Vegas!!!), but not sure how long they will take.

I also got some stamps from eBay today, an ornate letter set, and another Snoopy! Just looked on the Stampabilities website, and there are loads! I want to make a few cards, becasue Lucy at work is hosting a jewellery party laterin the Spring, and has asked me if I wnat to take some cards to sell - YES PLEASE! I like the idea of selling a few cards to pay for new stash!!

According to John Ross's website, the largest gust of wind was 47mph, at about 9.30am, it's now about 20mph.

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Galaxy Girl said...

What a clever chap he is. Well done with the book club.

Yes, I will now be going to the Feb Bloomin Scraps crop, so it will be lovely to see you there.

Going to be hauling a bit of the shop there too.