Monday, January 08, 2007

gloomy january day

It is so gloomy again today. We have had a lot of rain lately, and it's been quite windy too. It's cold, dreary and miserable, but what can we expect in january?

But, today I have acheived a lot. I have cleaned WFC for 3 hours, walked the dog for 1 hour (down the beach), and then taken all our rubbish from the lounge to the tip and charity shop. Yoohoo! It always feels good to get rid of rubbish/clutter, especially when it is going to be recycled. Then I cleaned the conservatory floor (where all the rubbish was!), had lunch, showered, and now am having a well-earned chill out reading other people's blogs on here!

Blogs are easier to read if they have short entries, so I apologise to anyone looking at mine lately!

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