Friday, January 05, 2007

craft and settees day

I haven't done much scrapping lately. But here's my latest effort for the Christmas traditions CJ. I'm pleased with how it's turned out - love the BG Fruitcake papers!

I've had these pics of Nicholas and Merlin to scrap for ages! Finally managed a DLO for his album. It's based on a sketch in Creating Keepsakes sketch book. I do like using sketches - I tend to choose photos and then find a sketch that more or less matches the size, shape and number of photos. I cropped these to make square shapes and to fit along the bottom. The original sketch didn't have the second little one at the top on RHS, but we (DS and I) thought it needed something - frightened of white space!!!

Most excitingly, our new settees arrived today. The men were well on time, and they even moved the big old sofa out into the hall so they could put all the new ones in the lounge. Very helpful, and definately not 'jobsworth' type people! I love the new settees - they are smaller, and fit perfectly, especially the lighter one in the bay window. They are quite firm to sit on, but very comfortable. All we need now is new curtains, CD/DVD storage, and pictures back up on the wall. We may need to reframe some, as they are original paintings, and it would be a shame not to put them up. I'm thinking of red cushions and a throw (as an accent colour CORR that sounds posh). DS,DD and I don't like the stereo unit (behind the chair), and are wondering if we can persuade DH to get rid of it (unlikely!) He spent a lot of money on the hi-fi, and a proper unit before DS was born, because we were going to be in lots more and thought we would listen to music lots - but we don't!! Well, not in the lounge anyway. I listen to the radio in the kitchen, and the dining room, and CDs and radio in the bedroom, and of course use my MP3 player at work and dog walking.

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MJ said...

Linda you should start a poll on the stereo, I definitley think it should go, doesn't fit in with the gorgeous new furniture.

Love the Journal, I gave up on mine, will definitely do it next year though, now I know what I am letting myself in for!!!!

MJ xx