Friday, May 18, 2007

A few more greay haris!

Well, my week started off bad with not being able to go my crawley crop on Monday, and then Lucy's bag with keys being stolen . On Wednesday morning, we were woken up by the dog at 5am, to a HUGE d**** (don't know how to spell it ) mess on the kitchen floor!! YUK! We cleared it up, and I decided it wasn't worth going back to bed, so I went to work at 5.30am!!! I was working 2x on Wednesday because I had to take Mum and dad to hammersmith for his check up yesterday. I was knackered!!! I went back to work exactly 12 hours later, at 5.30pm!!

DH went on an off-road motorcycling day, and has hurt his foot one of the times he fell off ! Actually, it is quite swollen. But he had a great day, and has realised just what a different sport off-road riding is! So I had to get up early yesterday to take the dog for a walk before going to Hammersmith. In fact, we were woken up at 6.15am by more d**** mess in the kitchen DOUBLE YUK !

When I got round to Mum and dad's to pick them up Dad looked terrible. He is hobbling around with tremendous pain in his leg. Although we had a good journey, we didn't have a good day at Hammersmith, cos Dad's myeloma is almost certainly back . Bit of a shock, cos I didn't know he was getting more pain, and it is only a few months since he finished the last lot of chemo. . They took an x-ray (waited ages!), and prescribed morphine for the pain, and he gets the results of all the blood tests at the end of the month. They are supposed to be going to Cornwall next week with some friends, so I hope he feels well enough to go. He is not going to be able to walk at all though. They've got some difficult decisions coming as to how the myeloma is treated this time. The doctor mentioned another stem cell transplant, which they were adamant they wouldn't want to go through with again last time. Oh dear!

But then we went out for a lovely meal with Robin and janice last night, and had a great time! And today I have nothing planned except a few chores and scrapping.

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Galaxy Girl - Stamp Galaxy Blog said...

Hi Linda,

Thank for your comment. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the card. Kelly wanted to see it before I sent it, and I haven't seen her since. As soon as I see her after my hols, it will be sent off.

Glad you are well.