Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New hall, stairs and landing carpet

Well, here it is at long last! We promised ourselves we would have a new carpet when we moved in - 14 and a half years ago! Trouble is, the old carpet was such good quality, and didn't show any dirt, and we got the dog nearly 4 years ago! So we ummed and ahhed a bit, becasue to be frank we are a bit worried about the dog messing it up. He does lie in the hall a lot, and there are always lots of dog hairs, dust, grit and sand from him in the carpet! (not to mention sick and poo!) So we decided to go for brown with flecks, yes dog sick and poo colour!!!

It looks really nice, and it is good quality. It should last us out here. We had to empty the big dresser in the hall, and I looked in DH's whiskey cupboard for the first time ever! Look what I found! These bottles must be a t least 25 years old! It's made us reminisce about Dubonnet and Martini, such sophisticated drinks in the 1970s! I used to love Dubonnet and lemonade.

The bottle of Baileys has I think just 1 drink poured from it. It is now SOLID! DH was sure it would be Ok - the thought of pouring alcohol down the sink fills him with apoplexy! Anyway, only the fairly new bottles of sherry and port have gone back, oh and a couple of bottles of neat alcohol, I mean Polish spirit vodka! YUK! No whiskey left atm, poor DH, he'll have to drink wodka instead.....

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