Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Teenage troubles

Lucy has had a hard time lately. After injuring her hip, and being ill while away with the volleyball lot, she lost her bag at school yesterday. Unfortunately it has her mobile phone and house keys in it! I hardly slept a wink last night worrying about someone being able to get in. DH hopefully will change the lock. It is such hassle when she loses her phone, and I've had to report this one to the police.

Then she found out that her best friend has been mucking about with a boy she likes lots, behind her back. Lucy and boy have been really good friends for ages, and Lucy would like it to be much more, but boy says she is a bit young, and he values her friendship too much to spoil it! Sounds very sensible doesn't it? Well, a couple of weeks ago, best friend decided she fancied boy too, and they had a bit of an argument, but made up when best friend and boy promised Lucy they wouldn't get together. Of course bf and boy have been doing what they shouldn't have behind Lucy's back, and she was distraught last night! I managed to cheer her up, and we went into town to buy new make up for the stuff she lost with the bag. She is taking it all in her stride - it's all personal growth stuff isn't it? We just have to be there to pick them up from the knocks from time to time. It is important to be that rock and stability for her, and I love being able to do that for her!

I had my appraisal at work today. It is quite fun, just an excuse to write me some new objectives. I think it is really great that they do the appraisal for me, I am only a volunteer! It just makes sure that what I am doing and what I think they expect me to do is what they want me to do! But I am able to pick and choose to a certain extent. I like being able to go in there and just get on with routine stuff. But I suppose I should get a new challenge too! Maybe something along the lines of report writing. I am not sure I want ot get involved directly with the service users, but there is a possibility of doing a bit of craft with them, maybe Christmas cards.


Paula said...

I feel for your DD, I really do. I had a friend do that to me at school.I was devestated at the time, but you know what, neither of them were really that special & I found a far more trustworth friend.

Thanks for your lovely comment about my clipboard.
I am so busy at work ,I don't get to come on UKS first thing in a morning right now. I miss the lurvlies & the book thread.
give it another few weeks & I can come back!!!

valerie said...

Hi Linda thanks for the comment on my blog still no further with the growing up stuff going to use playing cards for that too but need to get some photos fom my mum.

HopeLucy is feeling Ok

wha kindof work do you do I couldn'thelp notice the term service user I am a psychiatric nurse