Monday, May 07, 2007

May Bank Holiday weekend

What a weekend it's been here! I had a fab time scrapping on Saturday - did a lovely LO with Natalie (and I've signed up for Scrappers Paradise in October!). Brighton crop was good too. Still a bit small, but we are a nice little group now.

Then I went to London yesterday, and had a good time at the Who Do You Think You Are? exhibition, manning the Anglo-Italian stall, with Kay and Barbara. Met some really interesting people. I've always quite fancied doing fairs and things, and am getting an opportunity to do so atm. I wasn't too keen to go to London, as I get a bit travel sick on the trains, but I took rescue remedy with me and felt OK.

But while I was there Lucy texted from Norwich (where she has gone as a spectator to the volleyball, cos she has injured her hip) to say that she had been really ill in the night, and was trying to sleep at the hotel all on her own!! Luckily, one of the girls was driving home last night, so she brought Lucy home. She didn't get home until 1am, poor girl! She is still asleep now, at 12.30pm, don't want to wake her up. I am so glad to have her back home, horrible to think of her ill away from home! We would have gone to get her today if she hadn't come home, cos they are not expected back until 9pm tonight, and it's school tomorrow.

We slept on this morning until 9am, and didn't go out with Merlin until 11! Lovely to have a relaxing day. The weather has chnged though - it's really windy and grey, a bit of rain, but not enough! It hasn't rained at all in April, so the garden is really dry. We need a few days of proper rain now. I planted some vegetable seeds - I am going to put vegetables in my pots on the patio this year instead of bedding plants. Going to potter a bit, and update my AIFHS stuff, and do a bit of housework.

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