Thursday, January 24, 2008


I am really keen to scrapbook my everyday life this year. Thus, I am doing 2 challenges, one is an A-Z of Everyday things with, the other is, where the first prompt is COFFEE CUP! I am going to scrap this page, but thought I would write my thoughts down here first, then it doesn't matter how long it is until I scrap it! LOL I am intending on getting a D rin album and doing all different sizes of LO, depending on how much I have to say about the object. I think this one will be a 12 x 12!

So here is my favourite coffee cup. I love the saying and the funky picture on it, and it is the perfect size for my morning cup of real coffee. I have a cup of coffee just before I leave work in the morning, at about 9am, and then my second cup after I have taken the dog for a walk. I always have a weightwatchers or Go Ahead bar with my second cup, and usually drink it checking up on my forums. MMMMM Lovely! My favourite coffee at the moment is Kwonggi Mountain which I buy from Waitrose. I buy ground coffee and make myself a cup in my little cafetiere. At the weekends, we use the bigger cafetiere and often make frothy milk too! I really love my morning cups of coffee, and would not like to give them up. It is all part of my routine now.

I try not to drink too much coffee, occasionally I will have 3 cups per morning, but I don't drink strong coffee after lunch. I f I have a cup later in the day it is usually decaffienated.

When I go out for coffee I always have a Large latte! I love the coffee at Nero's and at M&S.

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Penny said...

LOL, that is so me too!!! I love the mug, I have 2 stamps in that range from the same artist. I wonder if this has been made into a stamp??