Monday, January 21, 2008

Wood on the beach!

What an awesome sight! A ship (Ice Prince) went down in the channel off Dorset last week, and has dumped all it's cargo of wood on our beach! There are thousands and thousands of planks! I went down this morning - along with a whole load of other Worthingites to look and take photos. It is going to be some task to collect it all and clear the beach. I don't know how far it stretches, but I walked from Grand Ave to the pier, and this was the sight all the way along. It was quite a sight with high tide and the waves crashing over the wood. It is quite a high hight tide today (5.7m accoring to the beach office man on Splash FM radio this morning!) I'll pop down again later in the week and see how far thy've got with the clear up operation.

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Penny said...

Hi Linda! Wow, that's a LOT of wood, what a pollution hazard, it's going to take ages to clear!