Thursday, February 21, 2008

apologies for not keeping up to date

I must apologise for not keeping this blog up to date! It's because I am doing a visual diary blog for Cheryl's photography course. My theme is 'everyday things' to tie in with my scrapbooking project this year! Here's a few photos I took today:

Update on life in general:
Dad is doing quite well atm.His white blood cell count is still a bit low, but hopefully starting to rise properly now. He had a blood transfusion last week to help the red blood cells.
DB has gone to USA on business (wish I could've asked him to buy me some stash!LOL) and was a bit worried about going, but it's been OK. While he's been gone SIL has got a new dog!!! 10 week old puppy golden retriever called Ollie -can't wait to see him!
Work is good, except that I am knackered this week, not doing so well with 4 early mornings! (Knackered because I took my friend Burn to my crawley crop on Monday evening, and was quite late back) but I am starting my new challenge to be the volunteer coordinator. Looking forward to the challenge and getting some new skills under my belt.
Crawley crop, - Natalie brought literally tons of stash for us to buy!!! I got 2 Tim Holz stamps, looking forward to playing with them tomorrow, and quite a few sheets of paper, some of which I have given to Judi at work. Burn took the rest of the box of paper home with her!
Weight is creeping up again - says she just tucking inot a huge bar of chocolate that DS doesn't want because it's got nuts in it! Must be careful.
Had a lovely day out with Angela yesterday to Wakehurst Place. I took some photos but they're not very good - too much chatting, not enough concentrating.

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