Friday, February 22, 2008

Radio 2

Just wanted to blog a bit about my Radio 2 obsession! I listen to it whenever I can. I have my raio on in the bedroom, the kitchen, and my MP3 player and digital portable radio are all tuned in! I also listen to it on the computer. (I can't get it atm, it won't let me click on listen live)

I sometimes download the podcasts too to listen on my MP3 player at work. Unfortunately I can't get r2 at work, only the local radio station Splash FM. I love to listen to Terry Wogan, Ken Bruce, Jeremy Vine (DS thinks JV must be mad to host a programme like that where the general public can phone in!), sometimes Steve Wright, although I don't like him so much. I do love Chris Evans at drivetime, and Stuart McConie and Mark Radcliffe in the evenings.

I love it when the proper presenters go on holiday, Johnny Walker has been sitting in for Terry Wogan this week, and he is sooo lovely! Stuart McConie has been sitting in for Ken Bruce, and it was hilariuos this morning when Stuart was late, did JW take the mickey!!! Turns out SM was ill really (man flu!!!!) but turned up late sounding proper poorly, but still managed to carry off the program, what a pro!

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