Wednesday, February 27, 2008

feeling a bit yuck!

Woe is me! I had to go to the dentist on Monday because my crown (front tooth!) has moved back, and is really annoying, in the way of my bite and my tongue. I thought I had an abcess on the gum above it too. Well, nice young dentist (aged about 12!) thought that the root had cracked, but when he saw the x-ray changed his mind and said it is raging gum disease! Might have to see a specialist. I booked an apppointment with my dentist for the end of March(nearest appointment) and we'll see what he says. So I am on antibiotics for the infection. Then I noticed a huge cold sore coming on my lip! So quickly bought some cs cream for that. The cream never does seem to stop it in it's tracks though, just makes it go a bit quicker. So that will look horrible by the end of the week, when I have coffee and lunch dates! Last night I had a real ache either side of my chest! I think it's where Merlin pulls so hard! Trouble was this morning I have just made it worse, becasue I stupidly went up to Highdown where I could let him off, but Oscar the choc lab was there. Merlin and Oscar always have anice play, but it does end up in M trying to mount and likc O. O's owner is very very anti this sort of beahaviour, so I have to put M on the lead. My god he pulled hard! It was all I could do to hold on!

I have been feeling very very tired lately, and even going to bed early isn't helping. Yesterday afternoon I wasted watching QVC! That made me feel bad, because I had planned to do lots of scrapping, I had even sorted out 'page kits' for some gorgeous photos of the kids when they were little! Maybe I should go and do another page now before going to see Mum and Dad this afternoon!

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