Friday, August 22, 2008

crafting at last!

Look at the state of my dining room! This is my dining room table which I work on. I literally have like a postage stamp spce to work on!!! The yellow scrapagogo box is supposed to have things in it that I must use up, that's why it is on my table, but I am afraid to say I very rarely use anything in it!

This view is from the dresser. What a mess! You don't want to see the floor!

I did make a few cards this week. I have loads of birthdays in August.

Using these fab Paper Artsy stamps and distress inks. I just love the style of these stamps, and the little houses! I love the bright colours of the distress inks too. Although I probably shouldn't put so many of them on one background!

I made this card for my friend Claire. It was her birthday on Sunday and I still haven't got it to her! One reason is that I don't know her house number, or else I could have posted it to her! Anyway, it is 2 stamps from Tanda Stamps summer set, whch I absolutely love!

Finally these stamps are from Oxford Impressions. They are mostly photo stamps, like old vintage photos, but they are very difficult to stamp nicely! More practice needed I think! More distress inks on the background.


Heather said...

That looks like my craft table too!

Sara said...

Fabulous cards Linda there are lovely and summery, just what we need in this weather!

Don't worry to much about the mess my room is very much the same.