Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Photo Freedom

I have been reading Stacy Julian's 'Photo Freedom', and have decided to give it a go! I have been meaning to get all the old photos out of the sticky albums for ages. So I gathered them all up in the dining room, ordered some photo albums and inserts from Arrowfile, and proceeded to empty the old albums into the new, acid free, archival ones! It is taking forever! It is a job you need to do in small bursts, otherwise it is really tedious, and sometimes depressing!

However, I am up to the end of the 1990s now! (Except that I found an album with a mix of late 90s in it, but it won't take long to slip them inbetween.)

Once I have them all in albums, I am going to go through and decide which photos I am likely to scrapbook. The ones I am not going to do anything with can go into 'cold storage', and then I have a Creative Memories Powersort box, that I will file photos in subject categories, instead of chronological order. I had already started to do this some months ago before reading SJ's book, so it feels right for me. I love the idea of being able to make 'connections' between photos over time. For example, I found one of the chimney of Shoreham power station being blown up, then one of the new power station. I can feel a LO coming on!

So the idea is not to have chronological albums, but albums such as People, Places, Things we do etc.

This system is going to take a long time to get going properly, but I am enjoying the journey! I have discovered some real gems along the way, and some really awful photos too! And I have even stopped and created a couple of LOs. More about them tomorrow!

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