Thursday, August 21, 2008

woohoo 3 days in a row!

GCSE results today. GCSE results today! Lucy did really well! A* for PE, A for food tech, 6 Bs 3 Cs, and a C in A/S art which she took in 1 year. (She already has art GCSE (B) , and 1 science (B)!!!) So proud of her!!!

She is doing really well this summer. She has been working really hard to earn enough money to go to Spain again with Tom and his family. It is a long story, but they want to go again to spread Tom's stepmother's mother's ashes in Spain. We told her she would have to pay, and so she has worked every time she has been able to. Consequently she hasn't been bored, and we have not had many arguments.

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