Tuesday, May 05, 2009

BH weekend

We love a BH weekend! This time of year is great because May day comes soon after Easter, and then we have the late May one to look forward to as well! (Lucky my notice at work covers the month of May with 2 BH Mondays in it!)
We went to visit Nicholas at Bath on the Honda motorbike. It's about 2.75 hours each way. Oh my god it was cold! And oh my god did I get a numb bum!(Although why they call it a numb bum I don't know - it is actually quite painful!!) Here we at the university are setting off for home, and it rained a little bit! Maurice had spent all morning on Sunday polishing the copious amounts of chrome on his bike, only to get it slightly damp! Oh dear!
It can get very boring on the back of the bike, so to pass the time away I have made up loads of little challenges for myself, and might make an art journal to record them. A bit like my photo a day - but instead a challenge a week! 50 challenges this year as I am 50!


Lesley said...

By 'eck you were brave to be biking that great distance. Rather you than me!
Lesley x

Donna said...

Looks fun to me!!!