Tuesday, May 12, 2009

driving, eating, scrapbooking!

Well, my first advanced driving lesson has happened! I arrived at my instructors house, suprisingly nervous, and knocked on his door. He is exactly how you would imagine an member of the IAM to be, middle aged, ex police type, precise. When I went back to the car to wait for him, I noticed a drip coming from the bonnet, eeek! The car radiator is leaking!!! So, we decided to drive back here and pick up the Micra! Maurice said I should do the test in the Micra because it is manual and the Honda is automatic. So there I am crashing through the gears - trying to start off in third, not going into 5th when I should! Actually he said at the end that I impressed him with how I switched to manual having not realised it. I came away not really knowing what I have to do to improve my driving, but well aware of the IAM system, IPSGA! (Information, position, speed, gear, acceleration)

I spent the weekend scrapbooking. It was our Brighton crop on Saturday, and then Maurice was out all day on Sunday. It has been a while since I have been 'in the goove' for scrapbooking, but I think I am getting back there now. I just need a 'project' to do. My last project was our wedding album, and as my birthday photos hadn't turned up, I decided to do more to my A-Z of everyday things, and start a 2009 album. The 2009 album is going to have 1 DLO per month, it is going to be tricky to decide which photos to use and which to leave out!

Last night I went for 2 meals out - one after the other!!! Naomi at work (our student social worker) was leaving her placement so we went to a nice little Italian on Worthing seafront for the early bird dinner, £8.99 for 2 courses). It was great! I had meditterraean grilled veg for starter and then goats cheese salad for main. Naomi gave us all a little present! We each had a little bottle of nail varnish beautifully wrapped in pink with silver ribbon!

Maurices brother and wife are down for a visit from Scotland. So we arranged to take them out for a meal, yes last night! WE went to a little pub on the outskirts of Worthing. Trouble was it was a gut-buster type of menu - no salads! So I picked scampi and chips and I ate it all! Boy did I suffer though! It would have been oK if I had not eaten the (earlier) cheese or the chips! So I have had a nice long nap this afternoon! Probably won't be able to sleep tonight nowLOL

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