Saturday, May 02, 2009

Big decision time!

Lots of big decisions this week!And I have done things I have been putting off for ages!
On Monday I had a health check I had put off for about 2 years!
On Wednesday I handed my notice in as cleaner at Worthing Family Centre. I have been doing the early morning cleaning for 2.5 years, which is much longer than i anticipated when I took it on! I liked the hours (except that getting up before 6am is not too good - especially in the winter!) because I was home by 9.30am and the rest of the day is my own. I liked having a bit of money that was my own, to spend how I liked, and I have bought a lot of scrapbooking stash with it! But I also have loads of money left! I didn't like the way my hours had changed and going in on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
What am I going to do now? Well there may be an opportunity to be a volunteer coordinator for the Family Centre in a couple fo months. I have been 'nibbling' at this as a volunteer myself for 6 months or so, but it is very frustrating as I only do about 2 hours per week, and I can't chase things up very well. I really hope it happens! It will be a 2 monring a week job, and PAID - not voluntary!
Also on Wednesday I went to the dentist and finally made a decision about my 'failing crown' on my front tooth! I am going to get it fixed cos it is really starting to bother me now. So I am going to have a bridge (an implant was another option, but cost £3k YIKES!) . I have an hour and a half appointment in July for the temp bridge to be fixed!
Finally, this morning I have been to have my eyes tested and ordered new more trendy glasses! Again, I have been putting off going for about 2 years! No problems with my eyes, just need slightly stronger lenses.
PHEW! I am exhausted now!


Lesley said...

Very productive Linda! I really hope that the job you want works out for you. Enjoy your month off.
Lesley x

Donna said...

I understand putting things off! That's why it took me 10 yrs to see my eye doctor!!