Monday, April 27, 2009

Uni friends/People photography

We had a great afternoon with my old uni friends yesterday! I went to Sussex University as a mature student (10 years ago now!), and still keep in touch with the girls I made friends with. Essi came over from Finland for a few days with DH Markus, and son Tobias, and daughter Julia (little baby), so we decided to get together. WE made afternoon tea! So sandwiches, quiches etc. Jane bought scones and cream, and Sarah bought a carrot cake.

I tried taking some candid shots for my People Photography course. Here are some of the best. It is sooo challenging this course. It really is outside my comfort zone to take pics of people, and directing them for a photoshoot - well I find that nigh impossible! I just have no idea what to say to them!LOL
I bought Tobias (4) a Thomas the Tank Engine sticker book, and he sepnt ALL afternoon doing it, he really loved it!

Here's Jane doing what she does best, talk!

I think this might be the best technically. It is Roger, who is Markus's friend, who they are staying with in Brighton. He drove them over, nice chap!

But this is my favourite! Simon is soo gorgeous, photogenic and is a really nice chap! He is Sarah's husband. I love the way the light falls on his face.


Lesley said...

Hi Linda,
You are taking some lovely portrait photos.
Lesley x

Donna said...

They turned out very nice! Good job!