Monday, August 27, 2007

Bank Holiday Monday

It's the last BH till Christmas (sigh!). The weather has been pretty good though. Thank goodness, cos it's been a pretty awful summer! Some really fabulous days, but interspersed with lots of rain and wind!

Yesterday we went out on the bike to a NT house - Clandon Park near Guildford. What a splendid entrance hall! They gave us a guide sheet, which was quite big and laminated, but was really good in that it just pointed out the most important points in every room. Just right for us who don't want to linger, or spend ages talking to the guides in every room! The garden was a bit disappointing, and we couldn't visit the Dutch garden becasue an ash tree needed work, and they had discovered a bat colony in it! So that area was roped off.

We had a lovely lie in this morning until 8.30, but meant we didn't get out with the dog until 9.45!! So it had to be a quick walk down the beach, but Merlin had a little swim, so he enjoyed it!

Then we went to visit MIL. I am afraid I don't go very often, as I don't find her the easiest of women to talk to or get on with. She always seems to dismiss what I say, and doesn't seem interested. She thinks I am very frivolous! Anyway, we were going to take her out for a ride in the car, but I knew that by the time we got there, she would have thought of something copmpletely different, so (difficult for me, cos I like to be in control) I tried to go with the flow! We went for a short walk along the river, which was really gorgeous. They have recently redeveloped the riverside with 'townhouses' and a nice cobbled walk. It is really lovely, especially when the tide is high. Then, we bought fish and chips at a riverside chippy, and took them home to eat in her flat. Bang goes the diet!!! And she faffs about so much warming the plates, making salad, and drinks and bread and butter, that the chips are cold by the time we eat them LOL. Here's some pics:

Here's the Littlehampton lifeboat, Blue Peter 1. remember when we used to collect foil for Blue Peter appeals? I don't think this is the original BP1, cos it must be 30 odd years ago that they got the first BP lifeboats!

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