Saturday, August 25, 2007

Garden in late August

This year I have tried growing vegetables in pots. We have had a few meals worth of runner beans, which were very nice, because I picked them really small. DH's Dad used to give us tons of rbs, all as big as possible, cos BIG IS BEST!!!! Here's my ruby chard which looks absolutely gorgeous with it's translucent red stems, but I don't know how to cook it!!

Arty shot of my 'tumbler' tomato in a ahnging basket. It has been very prolific, and tastes pretty good too. I tried taking a picture after watering it - not sure you can see the water droplets!

Merlin loves to be in the garden with us, and loves chasing frogs!! Trouble is, he has no respect for my plants, and just goes head first in there if he thinks there is the slightest movement!

My helenium is looking great! Just about the only thing not totally demolished by slugs!

This rather delapidated hut was the children's playhouse. My Dad made it! They never really played in it though, because it is right down the bottom of the garden, asnd too far away from the house - and there are spiders in it! It needs demolishing now, and something doing in that corner. What you can see in front of it really is carpet! It is our old hall carpet, supposed to supress the weeds!!!

Look at these gorgeous crab apples! Mum and Dad bought us the tree for our 25th wedding anniversary. It's Malus John Downie, I think(!). It has had apples this gorgeous before, but they have usually all dropped by now, but becasue this year has been wetter, they are still there.

I haven't really spent the time in the garden this summer, and it looks a mess! This time of year is not good in my garden, very little colour, and not much interesting structure either! Perhaps I should make it a bit of a project to find some stuff to plant for this time of year.
My patio pots look a mess too! The tomatoes and runner beans in pots are over really, and need clearing - although it seems a bit early to clear them. I haven't fed my pots becasue we haven't had a hosepipe ban! When we have a hosepipe ban, and I have to water with a watering can, I am pretty good at rmembering to feed. But when I can water with the hosepipe, I can't be bothered to get the watering can out for the feed!!!

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