Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing day swim 2008

It was freezing!!! The temperature was much lower today, and nasty biting easterly wind got up! Plus it was high tide and a bit rough! But we braved the elements, and went in. We all had to stand behind a red tape, and count down from 30seconds before 11am. It was a fabulous atmosphere! We just ran in, and the waves broke over us, and then we ran out again! it was all over so quickly I didn't have time to feel cold. Some kind person near us had bottles of hot water which he tipped over Lucy and my brother. You should have heard the squeals of delight! We all had a hot coffee and wrapped ourselves in towels and dressing gowns afterwards. it was great! Thank you so much for sposoring me, between myself, Lucy and my brother and his girls we think we have raised about £400!! Fantastic!

This is the sea that we went into!
Nicholas, Mum, Lucy and myself just arriving, BRRR!
We had t shirts printed with dad's name
Thant's me with the santa hat!

off we go! That's me with the santa hat in the middle
Just come out, you can see that I ma wet up to my middle!
Lucy enjoying a hot water shower!
Lucy, me, my brother and his 2 girls

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Ellen said...

well done all of you, you are so brave . It looks like a lot of fun as well.
What a great amount to raise for the hospital