Monday, March 16, 2009

Foggy to sunny

First of all, here's a better picture of a daffodil called Jetfire. I have a little clump of them in my front garden. I love the darker yellow centre!

When I went to work at 6am this morning it was really light (hurrah!) and no fog, but I could see a grey line in the distance. After about half an hour a really thick blanket of fog came down! I guess it's because it is a bit warmer these last few days. The fog was burning off as I walked the dog, but I tried to take a few photos.

Yesterday was the most glorious day! Gorgeous sunshine and quite warm too! We had a lovely walk along the beach. I do love these little wavelets at low tide. And here's Merlin trying to find a stone in the pool at the end of the breakwater! He loves these pools and always goes in, sometimes they are quite deep, and catch him out!

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