Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Lucy passed her driving test yesterday! First time and only 3 months of lessons! Clever girl! Here she is ripping the L plates off - we won't see her for dust now.....

She treated me and Tom to lunch at 'Food' restaurant - mmm lovely. They do a very nice excellent value lunch for £5. I think I will take Angela and Sarah there next week.

Then at 5pm, Lucy came with me to have coffee and cakes with the girls from work. We went to a little Lebanese cafe called The Levant near work. Gorgeous cakes, and we had non-alcoholic cocktails, mmmmmm! Very refreshing! They bought me a helium balloon, and a gorgeous necklace.

After tea, we went to the Black Horse to give in the menu for Saturday, and have a celebratory drink. What a fabulous day!

This is why I went back for my camera this morning! The weather is so gorgeous at the moment, and the blossom is well and truly out! These blossoms are in neighbours gardens, and make a really gorgeous scent as you walk along.

Another attempt at a daffodil! Quite pleased with this one. I took pains not to get another one too close. And I focussed on the middle.

Fianlly, this is what it was like down the beach this morning. Look at that blue sky!

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