Thursday, March 26, 2009

OMG I am 50!

Yesterday was my birthday and now I am 50! OMG I cannot believe it! half a century!
I have had an amazing lot of presents and the most gorgeous birthday cards! Thank you so much everyone!
We had a fab day. After opening presents in bed, Maurice made me a bacon and egg breakfast, then we took Merlin for a quick walk. I had a new macro lens for my camera so you will see lots of close ups from now on!LOL We then went to Mum's (she gave me a gorgeous sewing box), and we went to Nyman's garden for lunch mmmm! I took loads of photos with my new lens! Then back here, Lucy went to fetch Tom, and Andrew and Lynda came round for a drink and to give me a presnet (gorgeous earrings!). Then Lucy and TOm went to fetch an Indian takeaway YUM! I spent the evening watching tv, lying on the sofa, my favourite decadent waste of time!
Today I am having a quiet day looking at all my presents and cards, and want to sort out my sewing stuff later!

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Mrs Wonka said...

Happy Birthday for 2 days ago! I have really enjoyed seeing the pics of your celebrations!

Zoe x