Sunday, March 29, 2009

New challenges

Now I am 50, I have decided I need new challenges.
I was thinking about a change of job. (I always intended to be a career girl, not a SAHM!) But it is hard to find anything right now with the economic slow down, and the job at the moment fits in very well with family and dog! I would need a part time job near home so that I could get home easily for Merlin. But I knew that when we decided to have Merlin, so I am not complaining. I will get a bit more challenge with my voluntary work at the Family Centre as the volunteer coordinator. I can probably do more than I am doing! (And this may lead to something else later on) I do quite like the cleaning, I like the fact I am finished work for the day by 9.30am, and that I am my own boss, and that I don't have to bring my job home with me!
So then I thought about a physical challenge. I quite fancy swimming. Trouble is, our local swimming pool is ancient and horrible! There are a couple of gymns locally with lovely pools but they are expensive! I would like to challenge myself to swim 50 lengths of our local pool by the end of the year. All I need to do is to find a quiet time in the pool once a week.
My main hobby is crafting, and I continue to challenge myself with new projects, always several on the go at once! I have recently completed several projects (our wedding album, 2008 album, and almost finished Scrap Your Day). I have a new CJ, and one half way through. I ought to look for a new challenge CJ, maybe a fabric one.
I love photography, and have signed up for another of Cheryl's online classes - this time people! I have a bit a mental block about taking pics of people. I feel embarrassed asking if I can take someone's photo. So that class will definately be challenging! Also I have just started 'Take a Photo a Day'. I am going to do that for the whole of the year I am 50. I think it will be achallenge to remember to do this, and then upload the photos! They are on my photo blog.
My newest challenge is to take my advanced driving test! Maurice is very keen that I do this. I am doing it in part because of him. There's been lots of talk about driving here over the last few months because of Lucy taking her test, and it has made me think about my driving. Sitting next to Lucy I realised that I anticipate alot more than I thought I did. But equally, I often drive out to Ferring in the mornings for a dog walk, and find myself somewhere completely different! I have driven on automatic pilot! So this will be a massive challenge - I don't overtake ever! So I have to learn how to do that. I have to learn to rectify my bad habits (not looking in the mirror enough), and to put up with Maurice's comments! (He has already comendeered my Advanced Driving book!)
Wish me luck!

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Chris said...

Fifty and fabulous, Linda. You go for it girl and good luck!