Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Birthday celebrations!

Here's some more photos from my fabulous birthday celebration!

Here's Andrew, my bro, with his wife Lynda.

Andrew and Sarah. Sarah is one of my 'Friday morning' friends. We met when the children were babies, some 20 years ago! Unfortunately, my other 'Friday morning' friend Angela couldn't make it. Angela and Sarah's husbands were best friends at school.

Stewart and Sue. Stewart is a 'biking' friend of Maurice's so I have known them both since I met Maurice (32 years!) Stewart was Maurice's best man. We didn't see them very much sfter our children were born, but are seeing them regularly for a Staurday night out now.

Sarah and David. Sarah was my best friend at school! So I have known her for 35 years!!! They have lived abroad for David's working life, but are now living back in the UK, not far, so we do meet for coffee, lunch and the occasional evening.

Nick and Claire. Nick worked with Maurice on the Y2K project at American Express. So we have known them for about 10 years. Their children are just getting old enough not to need a babysitter, so we have started meeting for a drink on some Friday nights!

Claire and Jacquie. These two are my NCT friends. Claire was a breastfeeding counsellor, and Jacquie trained to be an antenatal teacher with me. Our children are all similar ages.
Unfortunately, Jacquie's husband Andrew couldn't make it tonight.

Claire and Andy moved down here from Sheffield when the children were little, so we have known them for about 16 years. Our children are the same age and we have taken it in turns to host dinner parties over the years.

Michelle and Izzy, my 2 nieces. Thsi phot really captures their personalities! Michelle is the older and looks poised, Izzy has that cheeky smile!

Jacquie and Maurice. Nice photo this one!

Have you noticed something? There were 21 people there for dinner which included 3 Andrews, 2 Lindas (well a Linda and a Lynda!), 2 Sarahs, 2 Claires, and 2 Nicholas's!! (There would have been 3 Nicholas's if Anglea and Nick had been there!)
None of our friends know each other (except Claire and Jacquie), but you wouldn't have known that on the evening! They all got on very well. There turned out to be quite a few connections, for example, Sue worked with sarah briefly 30 years ago! Andrew S knew Sarah L's Dad, cos they played cricket together, adn Sarah L's Dad worked with Sue!!!
What a great night! So glad we did it!

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