Friday, November 20, 2009

5 things:

A quick post this morning before I go out in the rain and wind with the dog!  And then I have to go to Waitrose for food shopping, which is Ok because I can get 2 hours free parking while i go clothes shopping for new smart black trousers.  Then I am seeing Mum this afternoon. 

Right now I am seeing:

dark, damp, windy weather outside (not too keen to go out there tbh)

Right now I am hearing:

Snow Patrol!  Lucy went to see them on Wednesday night in Brighton and the house has been filled with their songs turned up loud!  I love them!

Also, I have started listening listening to Christmas music, starting with a little Jazz Christmas CD, lovely! 

Radio 2 has been playing Wild Horses by Susan Boyle all week, and it is seriously getting on my nerves!


Right now I am smelling:

Some Christmas candles I have bought for a present, boy are they strong! 


Right now I am tasting:

My gorgeous lamb casserole!  Well, not quite right now, it’s what I am having later on for tea!


Right now I can feel:

My fingers lightly skipping over the keyboard ….. and pressing all the wrong keys!!!

1 comment:

Zoechaos said...

Bit different to yesterday morning! Seems we in the south are getting the tail end of the weather that did so much damage in cumbria yesterday. Be interesting if/when you look back on this.