Sunday, November 08, 2009

Thoughts on blogging

I have spent quite a lot of time today reading the Shimelle’s forum on her blogging for scrapbookers class.  It has made me think about why I blog, and how I see my blogging in the future.

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I blog because:

  • I love writing diaries
  • I love taking pictures and uploading the ‘best’ ones to my blog to help tell the story and make my blog post more interesting
  • I love to document my everyday life so that I can enjoy looking back in years to come
  • I like keeping in touch through blogging (always my craft friends so far, maybe I will be brave enough one day to give the blog address to other friends
  • I like the fact it is hosted on the internet so that if my computer crashes i won’t lose it all
  • It helps me to remember stories that I want to scrapbook

But it doesn’t always work like that!  I am pretty good at keeping up with my photo a day, and that includes a lot of everyday things.  I do keep in touch with friends through blogging (see my sidebar on my photo blog)

I don’t keep this one up very much now that I am blogging a photo a day on my other blog.  I would like to keep it for explaining what is uppermost in my mind at any one time, and for remembering stories that I want to scrapbook.

I would like to make it funnier (LOL) and alter the tone and attitude.  I want to explore different styles of writing and recording and therefore make it more interesting, and to for my readers! 

I would also like to learn some more technical stuff, like how to get a better background – I quite like the background on the other blog, but not this one!  And I guess there are lots of technical things that I don’t even know exist!  So I will try and keep up with the forum.

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Angie said...

I too love the diary aspect of blogging ...and the soap box, if I'm stressed. I love that I can peek into the lives of others and they have a small window into mine. I am excited that I follow a wonderful wonderful lady in Wyoming,another inspiring lady in Baltimore, a crafter in Australia and a potter in NZ ....all from my chair infront of the computer ...Wow blogging is fun.