Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Each Christmas recently I have done a December scrapbook.  I have completed two ‘JOurnal Your Christmas’ classes from Shimelle, and then last Christmas I completed  a ‘December daily’ class from Ali Edwards.


 rolos book 017

This year I am doing a different sort of class, ‘Get organised for the holidays’ from www.simplify101.com, my new ‘online home’!  Last week’s lesson was to make your holiday inspiration statement.  That’s exactly what the page from day 4 of JYC above does!  It captures my perfect Christmas!

Not sure of the exact wording yet, but my statement includes the words:


One thing I have already done is cook the Christmas pudding.  I am now in the process of finalising who is coming when, and then I need to start to plan food and drink, presents, decorations, and other activities.

home 029

This Christmas is ever so slightly complicated by the fact that Lucy turns 18 on 8th December (party on Saturday 12th) and Nicholas turns 21 on 27th December (we have yet to finalise his plans) eeeeeek!  £££££££££££££££££s!

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Angie said...

Great to see you make your Pud ...only made a cake this year.

I had a badly planned year in 1993 ...my 25th wedding Aniverary ...daughters 21st and sons 18th !!!! We ended up having a 30th instead lol