Monday, March 26, 2007

Now I am 48

I thought i would have a little look at my new years resolutions, and maybe update a little, as it is 3 months since making them, and it was my birthday, time to take stock!

Just lately I have tried to clear out a bit of 'clutter' in my life, and have given up the little things that were beginning to get in the way and irritate. So I have given up Spanish lessons, being a school govenor, and Rosemary Conley exercise classes.

So now I have my job, which I am quite enjoying really - loving the money to spend on stash whenever I want, and like the sense of satisfaction I get from cleaning! Just last week I changed from doing Friday morning to Thursday evening. It does mean I have to go in twice on a Thursday, but then once I am finished at 8pm on a Thuirsday that's it for the week, and a 3 day weekend! I think it's going to work out Ok. Only trouble is, I got dreadful backache after doing the 2 sessions!!! I expect it will pass.

I have my crafting, which I am loving more and more. I still love scrapbooking the best, and although I still have a lot of projects on the go at once, I have signed up for Shimelle's latest class at It's called When I grow up. Watch this space, I will let you know. So now I have given up the little things, i actually will have lots more time for scrapping and other projects. I am doing some small swaps, inchies and ATCs, but am not going to let them get out of hand. I have 2 ongoing CJs, well 3 actually if you include the Crawley crop one, but after these I won't do any more for the time being.

I want to spend more time with my camera! I am trying to find a forum with perhaps a weekly challenge, and some inspiring tips. I love the ideas on and will continue with that for the time being, and I am really looking forward to going to to natalie's Photogrpahy course on saturday. I must check out the West Dean photogrpahy courses, and maybe an adult education course for September. I really want to make the best out of this camera, and improve my photography. I do think it has improved just by having my digital compact and taking loads more photos already, but now I need to get technical!

Health. I want to lose some weight. It is a glorious sunny day outside today, and I made a veggie soup for my lunch. Just got to not eat those biscuits! I am sure with all the exercise I do, 3 hours cleaning and at least 1 hour dog walk per day it should be easy! I want to lose 1 stone by the end of June, that is 3 months time. 1lb per week, it's do-able.

I still have AIFHS. I could do more and challenge myself with this, or I could just carry on with membership secretary. I am sort of in between atm, sometimes chipping in with discussion. But there are some persoanlity clashes, and that scares me!!!! I will definately carry on with m/s for the time being. I also want to do far more family history. I spent £90 on a subscription to, and I must make good use out of it! It goes really well with scrapbooking, and I have loads of ideas for my heritage album.

Well it's such a gorgeous day, I think I'll take my camera out now!

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