Wednesday, March 21, 2007

RHS Wisley Garden

I took Mum and dad to RHS Wisley Garden in Surrey last Friday. I used maurice's camera, but am not totally happy with the results, all a bit blurry I think!

Wisley was incredibly busy in the car park! They are building new access for the new greenhouse, so lots of car park was inaccessible, and consequently the rest was full up! We thought we were going to have to turn round and go home! Dad needed the loo, so wewent back into the car park, and I spotted a space right in the top corner. PHew! Luckily Mum had bought sandwiches, so we didn't have to negotiate the crowds in the restaurant.

We went to the rockery, saw the meadow with it's naturalised bulbicodums, and this gorgeous 'river' of crocuses. The alpine house was at it's most spectacular, as you can see here. We didn't spend long, only 2 hours including a trip round the garden centre! Still a lovely day out, one of my most favourite places for a day out.

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