Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This is one of the gorgeous photos that natalie O'Shea took at las months photography workshop. I love them all (well, except one of them where I look pregnant!!!LOL, perhaps I shouldn't wear a smock top at my age and weight!!!)
Life has been pretty good lately, the weather has been superb, more like July than April! It has been really warm and sunny for a couple of weeks now. The garden is looking really spring like with the gorgeous blossom and that lovely fresh lime green of the new leaves!
M and I had the week off last week. In fact, I worked Wednesday evening, so had from the Thursday before Good Friday, a whole week and a half. It was lovely having plenty of lie-ins! It's the first time in 5 months I have had any time off except the bank holidays, since we went to New York in fact. Highlights of the week included a visit to Uppark, a NationalTrust property near Petersfield. We went on the motorbike, and it was a gorgeous ride through the country side of West Sussex. Uppark is famous for a massive fire in late 1980s, and the restoration work that went on afterwards. We didn't have time for the fore exhibition, so will have to go back soon. We went to london for thday and walked along the South bank with our cameras! Nicholas came, he is quite keen on his camera atm, and takes some good pics.
On Friday we stayed at home and pottered. Dump run(I cut down the Pampas Grass in the font garden just before easter), and I managed to persuade M to repaint the hall, stiars and landing, and that we should have a new carpet! YIPPEE!! It is all done now, just got to get measured up and carpet ordered. We will probably go for the same as the lounge as we are very pleased with it.
I've done a bit of gardening lately. I am going to try (as I do every year!!!LOL) to keep on top of the bindweed!! I have decided to try and spend just 20-30 misn per day pulling it up. I reckon that could get me on top of it all summer. Watch this space!!! I still need to do march in my garden journal. I am doing daffodils for March. can't decide whether to do tulips or blossom for April.

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