Wednesday, April 11, 2007

When I grow up.....

This is Shimelle's latest class (, called When I grow up. The first exercise was to reflect on what I wnated to be when I was little. At first, I couldn't remember what I had wanted to be, except when I was older (scientist, researcher, teacher, etc).

Then, suddenly in a flash, like these creative thoughts come to you (LOL), I remembered wanting to be a jigsaw puzzle checker, doing puzzles to check all the pieces were there (yeh, I know, I should work in a charity shop!!!). I used to sit for ages doing puzzles (I think they were Disney), not very big, so I was able to finish them quickly, and I would time myself, trying to do them quicker and quicker!

The more I thought about thsi, the more I wanted to do my children's story about it. Actually it has turned out very deep and meaningful (LOL). There is the TIME factor, how I try to do things quicker and quicker, and there is the DIFFICULTY factor, how difficult life becomes when you are a grown-up! And then there is the metaphor of the puzzle pieces fitting together, making up the picture of my life! Deep and meaningful over now!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wanted to be a jigsaw puzzle checker. When she was 10 all she did was do jigsaw puzzles.

She knew that if she was to be a real jigsaw puzzle checker, she was going to have to be quick! So she timed herself, completing puzzles quicker and quicker!

Many years passed.... Sometimes she did huge 1000 piece puzzles of mountain scenes that were very difficult.

She got married to maurice... and had 2 lovely children. They both enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles too.

But now, the little girl has grown-up, and is still finding pieces of puzzle that fit together!

I have really enjoyed making this book! Papers are mainly scraps from my stash, but you will recognise quite a few of them. The book is a child's board book that MJ gave me to alter at one of her crops.

Thanks Shimelle, for getting me well and truly out of my box!


Jan said...

What a fab book, Linda. Love the way you have done it. Inspirational - honest!!

valerie said...

love it amasing isn't it how something so simple can actually say a lot more than tyou fist think it is going too, you have inspired me to get on with my now
love the way you used all different pics of yourself

Nina said...

Really really really super! It makes me want to go and do mine NOW!

Natty said...

Oh that is just smashing! I was a real Jigsaw queen as well - my favourite one was a small map of europe (and a bit further) by Ravensburger that had figures in national costume against a national monument for each country - I never got bored with that jigsaw! hehe

Francine said...

Fab book! I love your story! :)

MJ said...

OMG what a gorgeous book, absolutely stunning, glad the book came in handy Linda, love it,.

MJ xx

Anonymous said...

Linda, this is fabulous! You did such a great job. Love your book!