Sunday, April 01, 2007

Scrappers paradise photography/scrapping day

Here is Geraldine, Angela, MJ, Karen and the wonderful Natalie O'Shea (standing up)

Playing with shutter speeds. Background in focus, car blurry, depicting motion.

Practising panning. Car in focus, background blurry

Blurry background - low f no.

Lesley (lesleyuk)

Kelly (kellyg)

Geraldine (ladyscrap)

The lovely and very talented Kirsty Wiseman

View from my seat!

I had a fab time at SP P/S day yesterday. Thanks to Natalie and Kristy for organising! Lots of organising goes in to a day like that! There were about 30 of us wanting to learn more about our cameras. In the morning we did lessons on shutter speed and aperture settings. Although I already knew most of what we did, it was fab to try it all out with my new camera, and refresh my mind (been a couple of years since I used a SLR camera) , and it gave me confidence to fiddle with my controls!!! I had read some of the manual on Friday, and was a bit gobsmacked to say the least - there are sooooo many controls to change! White balance, ISO, speed, aperture, and then lots of different settings in between!

We took photos of each other and a flower for aperture priority setting, and moving cars outside for Shutter priority. The car drivers were all honking and waving, with a line of 15 or so cameras on tripods! I took over 200 photos, and have just spent some time deleting a whole lot of them!

In the afternoon we did some scrapping. We used a 'star' photo that we had taken with us for Kirsty's class, and she taught us a new technique - glossy accents on acetate to 'frame' the photo. Natalie's class included some really scrummy papers in bright pinks and oranges, and some alcohol inks. We used the photo that Kirsty had taken of us in the morning.

It was a really super day, and has given me the taste for a weekend retreat! I met loads of people I knew (4 Scrapettes!) and then some people I hadn't met irl from UKS, and then some people who don't go on UKS. Oh and Natalie did a mini photo sessions. Looking forward to those photos!


Paula said...

thank you for coming by my blog & leaving a comment.
I see you are also reading Jodi Picoult. I have just discovered this author & she is fantastic. you can never guess how the book will end & the storylines are very risque in this modern don't offend society!!

Birgit said...

Oh, a day wih Kirsty, that must have been fun!!

Kelly said...

ohhhha piccie of me lol lol linda i have one or 2 of you lol lol and ill email them over asap but it was nice meeting again on sat xx