Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hairstyles through the years! They are great to look back on aren't they? Thsi DLO is for my BOM. From afro in the 70s to middle parting in the 80s (and blond highlights!), to now. This photo I have just taken in the mirror! (Hence my worried expression LOL). Now I have a fabulous hairdresser, Rita, who costs me an arm and a leg, but does my hair really well. I have a semi-permanenet dye now once every 2 / 3 months to cover the grey. This last time I decided to go darker, becasue I didn't like the way the previous one was fading, it looked a bit sandy. It is quite a bit darker actually, but hardly anyone has said anything! I wonder if really it looks awful?

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oOcarrieOo said...

I like your hair colour Linda! It suits your skin tone...


I too am dark!