Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Here's a picture of Highdown. You park in the car park half way up the hill, where there is the entrance to the Highdown Gardens, famous chalk gardens designed by Sir Frederick Stern, and Highdown Hotel and tea rooms. After walking about 5 mins, you go through this hedge and on up to the top. On the top is a Stone Age ring, which I often walk round, and think about those stone age people. How many are buried under our feet? They are not allowed to archeological digs up there, but it must be very interesting!

I went up here this morning after my cleaning. Boy do I feel knackered!!! I went out last night to the Crawley crop (altered a bingo clip board!), and didn't get to bed as early as I should have. Didn't want to get up at 6am this morning, I can tell you! But once I was there and had a cup of tea, (in fact it's the first sip that does it), I felt OK. I quite like it for several reasons:

I am on my own until about 8.30am. It's lucky really that there is noone to talk to, cos I'm not too talkative first thing!

It's physical. Maybe I'll get fitter, and lose some weight!

Satsifying. Even though the rooms don't look particularly dirty, I still get a sense of satisfaction out of cleaning them, and the rooms still look better when I've finished.

I love the fact I've got daily jobs and weekly jobs and can cross them off my list. I've made a little book to keep my checklists in!

List for today:

Go to Worthing. Bank AIFHS cheques, post CJ and AIFHS new members welcome packs.

Get drain sorted. Yes the kitchen sink has blocked again!

Go to Family Centre for voluntary job. Finish poster on Summer party (done is scrapbooking stylee!!)

Cook tea early for DD (dance) and DS (youth group), and DH (mothers)

Collapse at around 8pm!!

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