Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lazy Sunday!

What a great relaxing weekend I've had!

I've managed to sort out my scrapping stash almost completely. I thought I was going to find loads to sell on eBay, but I'm going to keep most of it! Just some really cutey hallowe'en papers I'm going to try to sell. I've also finished I LO. Yet more motorbikes, this time Phil Read (ANglo)'s MV Agusta (Italian) at Beaulieu.

We went round a couple of fireplace shops to get quotes for our new fireplace in the lounge. Wonder if we can get it done by Christmas? We did see some really nice big fireplaces. Our lounge is big and high ceilings, and the fireplace is in like a bay rather than into the room. No alcoves though.

Watched QI and TOTP2 last night. Bottle of white wine. Lovely!

This morning we went round to some friends for coffee. Their dd is off to high school and is stuck for choice, so they wanted to talk to Lucy about her school. We sat in the garden, lovely sunny day. N is going to hand his notice in at work and go into property developing! WOW! I wish him the best of luck. What a brave decision!

We had lunch really really late, because although I'd put the oven timer on, I forgot to switch the oven on! Nice roast pork though. I watched Stamp Addicts that I'd taped from yesterday mornign C&C. Lots of nice ideas.

WE took Merlin for a walk round the Ilex trees before tea. It was really gorgeous, warm sun, but a slight autumn tinge. Must go back there in the mornings, it's much nearer than Highdown.

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