Wednesday, October 11, 2006

more random thoughts!

Random is a very cool word at the moment. I wonder what it means? That is in teenage speak, I know what it means to me, LOL. I'm not a great stickler for correct grammer, I bet I don't get it right half the time, especially those little ' that denote something belongs to someone, like someone's book. But I don't like adjectives being used as nouns! Example today, THE REMOTE. Jeremy Vine on R2 was asking are we rulled by our remotes? Remote what?It is a remote controller! Another one I've come across lately is BUILDUP. You get a buildup when you use the same shampoo for ages. Buildup of what?

I've just bought some really cool (hopefully) stamps off eBay. Another Snoopy one!! I'm going to collect Snoopy stamps. When I was a teenager, Snoopy was my favourite. I found the quotes really appropriate, a very memeorable one being, 'I think I'm allergic to morning'. DH bought me a stuffed Snoopy as a gift when I was down once, and I had loads of Snoopy books and cards. I love the Snoopy website, There is a little comic strip each day, and I LOVE them!!!I used to have it as my home page, but forgotten to do that lately. Other stamps, a set of 4 snowflakes, a Sunflower mosaic (might be able to do some clever masking with that one!), and a vintage sewing machine. Bids are still in for a QK set of numbers, and a stamping book. I usually put in my highest bid straight away, then don't look at it until after the auction has finished so I don't get carried away, but I did just have to up my bid for Snoopy, oops! I hope I'm not paying too much for them. It's just a couple of quid here and there.

Off to have a go at Kym's challenge on, something with my fairy name which is Bramble Icedancer!

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