Monday, October 23, 2006


I so hate the few days before a holiday, especially if we are flying! I loathe flying, and this time, it's quite a long flight -8 hours. I am feeling very nervous now, and just looking forward to getting back home and it all being over! Isn't that awful!! I keep telling myself that loads of people fly across the Atlantic every day, and it will be fine. And I know that once I'm back on terra firma, I will feel a hug rush of relief, and have a great time in New York. Thank God the children are old enough to look after themselves on the plane now, and I don't have to worry about them. Maybe they can look after me!!

I am looking forward to being there, and seeing the sights and shopping. I just hope it doesn't overwhelm me with the hugeness of the skyscrapers (I'm not very good with heights!) and the business and noise. But hey ho we are only there for 5 nights, and I have always said that it's somewhere I'd like to see. The other thing that always preys on my mind, is what happens if one of us is ill? So far, it's only happened once, before N was born, we went to Minorca and Maurice was in bed for 2 days (out of a 1 week holiday)

I will enjoy it most when I get back, and looking back on the holiday, that's what normally happens. Oh dear, I sound like a right old killjoy! Well, expect loads of photos!

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oOcarrieOo said...

Have a great time Linda!!!

NYC is the 1 place in the World I want to visit the most!!!

I'm trying to convincve Aaron to get married there!