Tuesday, October 31, 2006


We had just the best time in NYC. The city is amazing, no wonder the American's created the word 'AWESOME'! We are absolutely knackered now, from walking absolutely all day every day, swimming a bit (at the hotel), and ice skating in Central park!!! We have hundreds of photos between us, and when I've sorted them out better, I'll show you some more. (These probably are not the best!)
Here are DH, DS and DD outside Ground Zero. There is not much to see, but the photos on the fence are very moving. It's just awesome to imagine how big the twin towers actually were.

This is the view from my bed! It's not a good photo cos it is through a very dirty window! But I could see the Empire State Building from my bed, and this is how it looks early in the morning with the sun shining on it.

A couple of photos from the top of the ESB, 86th floor. It is amazing how quick you get there. And I felt Ok with the height, I think becasue it is just so high, and you can't see straight down to the street below very easily.

Outside our hotel, which was right on Times square. Our room was on the 41st floor! We had a corner room, with windows looking south and east. The hotel was very comfortable, fairly roomy, great shower! The only problem was that we had a smoking room, which did smell a bit.

More photos tomorrow!

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Galaxy Girl said...

Fantastic to have you back.