Sunday, February 11, 2007

car crash!

I am so pleased with these 2 LOs. I did them at the Brighton and Hove crop yesterday. 'Family' is scraplifted from jhansen on UKS, 'Stinky', and Lizzie and Harry (my maternal grandparents) is scraplifted from Caroline on UKS 'button page'. I couldn't resisit doing this, becasue Mum gave me a whole load of old buttons recently, and these are them! I suppose they are vintage buttons, and the colours are subtler than new ones, so really go with the vintage photos. The photos are of my maternal grandprents probably taken about the time of their marriage in the 1920s. The 'Family' photo is taken on my dad's birthday 1998 at a family get together, that is me and DH(who took the pic), my brother and DSIL, and their 2 girls.

ON the way home, I was involved in a car accident! Luckily noone was injured. For those that know it I was on the A27 just west of the Holmbush Centre, going west up the hillat about 50/60mph, when suddenly there was a stopped car in the middle of the road (broken down)! I braked hard, and didn't hit it, but someone hit me, and then someone hit them! So bit of a pile up really. Looks like the car could be a write off cos the back wheel looks all wonky. Shame cos we really like this car (Honda CRV), except for ther fact it uses too much petrol.

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