Friday, February 23, 2007

Sad day

Toady is the funeral of Adrienne Reeve, a very inspiring and gifted teacher. She taught Nicholas in year 7 at West Park C of E school, and was one of his favourite teachers. She had the gift of making every child feel special. Nicholas says 'she liked maths, I like maths, she was very enthusiastic, which inspired us children'. She taught Lucy science in year 7, and she ran the netball team of which Lucy was captain. Lucy was not so keen as Nicholas, but she still feels sad today. Lucy says 'she taught me to play netball, and she inspired me to play more sport. She remembered my name!'

Adrienne was one of the teachers that inspired me to try teacher training. Most teachers at the time told me not to go into teaching, Adrienne and Jenny Colcohoun told me it was the best job in the world, go for it! Unfortunately, my teaching career never took off from 1st base - I lasted 8 months in training. But I will always remember Adriennne's enthusiasm and love of children (older children though - she didn't like young children!) She died of cancer aged only 43. I am thinking of all those children who will miss out on having her as a wonderful teacher.

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