Thursday, February 08, 2007


Oh I'm disappointed this morning, we have no snow! The weather forecast last night was full of dire warnings for 7" os snow for most of England, especially the SE. Well, we had rain all last night, and when I cycled to work at 6am it wasn't even cold! I think North of the downs has some snow, but worst hit is north of the M4. Loads of schools shut (why?), roads blocked and general chaos as does happen whe we have a single flake of snow in thsi country. I suppose we just don't get enough to warrant snow ploughs etc.

Oh well, here are my first 5 cards from the Emily Falconbridge challenge

We are using a pack of cards to make an art journal, one for for each week of the year. Emily is giving a prompt each week. There is a chat thread on UKS
which is just brilliant! It is so great to share work with other like minded people, and to get comments. I just need to finish the backs of the cards. Atm they are uncovered, and I think I'll cover them with some pp and journal a bit more from each week.

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