Sunday, February 18, 2007


I went to Kelly's crop in Plumstead yesterday. My goodness did I get lost! I started off going up the A24 to drop Nicholas off at work, and decided to go across to the A27 at Shoreham to get to the A23. Up the A23/M23, stopped off in Crawley for Nicholas's parcel at City LInk, and joined the M25 ok. I even went the right way on the M23!! But, I left the m25 for Bromley on the A20 instead of the Bexleyheath turning A2! (DH has made the point that they both begin with B!!). It took me ages to realise what I'd done. So back to the M25, and off at the A2. I followed Kelly's instructions, but quickly went wrong, not sure how, so I just followed signs. I did rejoin the A207 at one point, but not sure where I was in relation to where I should have been iyswim! Anyway, I finally got there at 12.15!! But we had a fab day. It is a very nice church hall (I love church halls and all the community things that go on in them!) Kelly made us lunch - a very nice jacket potato with beans, cheese and salad. Kim from Stamp Galaxy was there with stuff from her shop, so lotsa shopping (especially when she said I could pay by paypal!!) Although there weren't many of us, it was a lovely atmosphere. I will go again in a few months time. Kim gave me different directions to the A2, but I still got lost, don't know how? I got on the A2 at Greenwich, and got home in a hour and a half - not too bad. All this in our hired CRV, with gears and it's a diesel! I did fill it up once, and you may laugh when I tell you I drove on the A2 for quite a while before I realised I was only in 3rd! (It has 6 gears, why does it need so many? I am so confused by lots of gears)

I did 2 LOs for Nicholas's album. I am quite pleased with them. I'll show you tomorrow. I bought some fab stamps from Kim, and I'll show you those too.

Today I am knackered, and am going to go to bed in a min (9pm). I have to go to work tomorrow, and get up at 6am, YUK, especially as it is half term for the kids. I don't suppose either of them will take the dog for a walk this week! Today all I've done is a huge mountain of ironing! (I so hate ironing, and I always leave it till the weekend!) Actually that's not quite true, I have just spent quite a long time surfing the net, and have made my list for things I need for Kim's Cyber Birthday celebrations (cyber stamp)

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Kelly said...

glad you could come linda and be sooo nice to see you again :):):) and i loved seeing your work irl x0x0x0x