Friday, February 16, 2007


We have been looking at universities for DS this week. We went to Southampton on Tuesday, and Bristol on Wednesday. We have already looked at Surrey (guildford) and Bath. DS wants to do Computer Science. In fact, his primary school teacher would know that was what he would do! He has always been fascinated by computers, right from when he first had a go on our Amstrad, and used to fill the screen with X's and then hold the delete button down , and watch them all disappear! He's come a long way sonce then!

Here is my summary of these unis:
Bath, gorgeous town, lovely gree campus, accom right there next to the uni. Good reputation, and the degree course seems good. Year in industry very well organised, and well - liked by students and cos. Offer AAB
Bristol. City uni, very vibrant city, lots going on. Very fine reputationCS dept, very young, fun, lively (showed us lots of games!) Downside, accom quite a long way from uni. Offer likely to be AAB.
Southampton. Campus a bit grim, staff a bit distant. CS is in electronics dept, so degree slanted that way. Research led, but staff seem to like this better than their students. Accom a long way from uni Offer ABB
Surrey. Lovely campus. Quite near home. Staff friendly, approachable. Course: perhaps more business slanted. Year in industry well organised. Not so high up the uni pecking order, good insurance choice becasue of lower offer BBB.

Car crash update: We have a new Honda CRV as a hire car. Trouble is, it's manual (ours is automatic), and diesel!!! I have to remember not to put unleaded in it!!!! Ins cos are talking to each other, and our car is going to be repaired. I am quite pleased that they are going to try and repair our car, becasue I'm not sure I want a new car just yet. I really like our CRV, even though it is so juicy on the petrol.

Craft: Not done any this week. I did order some more bags and some large book rings, and I have finished sorting my ribbon. Just gor to use it now! I really ought to do that CJ entry, and organise my stash to take for Kelly's crop tomorrow.

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