Monday, February 26, 2007

weekend antics

Quite a busy weekend. Sat morning, DH went out to do his advanced motorcycle training. He was out for 3 hours! I thought, great, I will do my SG cyber thingy while he is out, and then go out with him in the afternoon. But they didn't post any classes until lunchtime!! I did make a start on 3, an altered mint tin, a bazzil chip brooch, and a Lippy Chick book. Well, I don't think I read the instructions properly do I? I have gone wrong on all 3!!! The mint tin I put beads in the lid as well as in the bottom, and the lid wouldn't shut! I had to scrape them off with my craft knife, and all the paint as well! The brroch is OK, but I can't do the beads, I have no idea how to do them, so they don't look very good! And they will probably fall off! The Lippy Chick book won't fold properly- I think I have spoilt that. Oh well, it's all a learning curve. I feel quite frustrated that I haven't had time to finish them, but that's becasue:

Sat afternnon we went into town. I bought some new shoes (for work), and we have bought home another load of samples for curtains for the lounge. I am optimistic that we will make a decision this time. In the evening, we went out to watch a Mass Concert Band concert. it was the Adur, Littlehampton and Bognor Regis bands all together. Our friend Andy plays the trumpet in the Adur band. It was quite good, they played some stuff that I knew(!), but I miss the strings!!! Give me a bit of violin any day.

On Sunday we went to see John in his new bungalow. It is vbery nice indeed. It feels very homely, and quite enough space for one person. It is in a very unusual setting, next to hadlow Castle. It has a very tiny garden, with a large wall, but it doesn't feel oppressive. Behind the wall is the castle, and a huge tower or folly! The bungalow is tucked into a corner, so the appraoch is in front of the neighbours bungalows, but I think that makes it seem very snug and secure.

The kids were left instructions to make tea, but Lucy put the chicken in later than I asked, and Nicholas was a in a very bad mood with his computer, so had not doen the vegetables. When I made him do them he forgot the brocolli, even though I had put it out right next to him, so we didn't eat until 7pm. No time for crafting in the evening:(

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