Tuesday, November 06, 2007

catching up!

Xmas baking! Here's my puddings just going on to steam for 6 hours!!

RHS Wisley with Mum and Dad. In front of the new big greenhouse.

National Trust - Standen. Note the framing! A little trick I learned on the course.

A pic I took up at Highdown this week.

Again, I have not kept up to date! A quick resume of what has been going on in my life: We had half-term off (well I worked Mon and Tues, and M worked Wed!) Highlights were going to NT Standen with Angela on Wednesday and RHS Wisley on Friday! A few photos here.

My photography course has finished. Quite sad, missing the little prompts each week in my eamil box! I came in the top 10 5 times (I think!) and the top 5 twice - not so bad. We're having a RAP PARTY on Sat evening - not sure what that entails, but sounds like fun. Met some great people on Cheryl's forum, and looking forward to doing her next course in the new year. I also want to do a scrapbook of the course.

Work is OK. We're having one of those weeks where everyone is sick! Everyone has a nasty throat infection - in fact, DD has gone down with it too. Bit worried whether I should see Mum and Dad tomorrow as Dad is on chemo and very low on white blood cells atm.

Weather has been good, lots of gorgeous Autumnal colours about as there has been no wind to blow the leaves down! I've taken a few pics, but really want to go to Wakehurst Place for photos, but it doesn't look like I've got the time. Been for some lovely walks with Merlin.

Planning for Christmas has started. Mum and Dad and A&L are coming, so cooking for 10 Christmas dinner! Can't wait! I am quite excited because I will have something to go to town a bit with. More deccies, more food, more pressies etc! Already started Christmas shopping, and I made cake, pudding and mincemeat last weekend.

Scrapping has taken a bit of a back seat. I ran out of steam a bit when I got home from SP! I didn't manage any of the other 2 weekends cc on UKScrappers. I did buy some kits though, so must do them. I did complete a really nice one by Vanessa from Paper Arts at the weekend. I am also frantically making Christmas cards with my Anna Griffin kit from QVC. They are dead easy to make, and look really good. But now I am drowning in s/b kits though! Having subscribed to Scrapagogo, Little Red Scrapbook Co (who both btw sent the same papers last month, luckily they are scrummy - October Afternoon) and Scrapping Angels. I have loads of kits I haven't used. I think I must do a mega scrap after Christmas to use them up! And to use up the billions of photogrpahs I have taken lately! Might sadly have to give one of them up -trouble is, which one? I don't want to miss a really nice kit LOL

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