Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I have finished my PWL photography course now. Just as well, cos I need to get busy with Christmas now. (And it's that time of year for Shimelle's Christmas Journal see We had a RAP Party on Saturday eve, which was great fun. We had 3 photo challenges, which I got Nicholas to help me with, and a scavenger hunt which I got so carried away with, I missed the deadline! But we won the prize for the best photo of yourself reading your camera manual - in the style of one of the modules. Here I am speed reading!
It was great, there we were with the tripod, choosing speeds, apertures, uploading, changing to B&W etc, all in the space of a few minutes! Proves how much I have learnt.
Roll on the next course! Ma=eanwhile, I must look out for more photogrpahy competitions, and visit more often!

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